Bird Brains

The Robins wake me me up before the alarm, but that’s okay I love it. Birds have always had a place in my art as they were probably some of my first paintings. When I was around 13, I stared selling acrylic and watercolor painting at Art & Craft fairs in Marinette and Oconto counties tagging along with an Aunt who did ceramics and an Uncle who made silver jewelry. I preferred painting to babysitting as a kid. For $5 I would do a quick watercolor Chickadee while someone waited…and watched.

Mr. Poe. $$85, 5 x 7 Oil on canvas framed

The ducks and shore birds are especially fascinating and beautiful. How they go about their business while we glide by in a quiet canoe; they dive or step with long legs then snag a minnow. Growing up in Marinette county I spent a lot of time on the Peshtigo River and fishing the many area lakes. This gave me time for observation and deep connection. Back in my 20’s I even entered a duck stamp competition, once.

I am very fond of the Corvidae family; Ravens, Crow, Bluejays, Grayjays, I love them all. Crows love peanuts so I buy bags of them from the local feedmill. They sit in the big spruce tree outside my apartment window and call to us until I lob generous handfuls to them. I swear they follow along on our walks so I now carry pocketfuls of peanut along to toss. And sure enough; after a friendly greeting they swoop down to gather them up!

Edgar on the Gate, $315 framed, 9 x 12 oil on linen panel
9 x 12 Prints available $65 s/n. 18 x 24 giclee on canvas $265.
Huginn & Muninn $980 Framed SOLD prints available

Birds of Prey are also a favorite subject matter. I don’t find them as charismatic as the Corvids but I love them just the same. Falconry with these fascinating hunters has intrigued me forever and I was inspired to finally do a painting of one.

Erik the Red $315. 9 x 12 Oil on linen , framed

I hope you enjoyed my little ramble about my inspirations. Please subscribe to my blog to see more as I continue my art adventure.
Remain Well! – Lynn

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