Does Spilled Coffee make it a Mixed Media?

Fleur de lis Mug
6 x 6 oil on 1 1/2” gallery canvas

It’s been a long time since I painted any still life paintings, but lately I find great joy and comfort painting these small compositions. I look forward to weekend mornings when I can sip fresh pressed coffee and watch the sunrise without rushing off to my day job. When the room fills with usable light, it’s time to paint.

10 am
6 x 6 oil on 1 1/2 “ gallery canvas

My pallet is filled with Lukas 1862 professional oil paints. I recently started switching over to this brand. They are made by a very old German company. I am very pleased with the consistency and drying time. Lukas uses non-yellowing sunflower oil and enhances its paint with beeswax. Before this I was using Windsor & Newton, and Grumbacher. It’s fun to have time to try out different paints and mediums.

After the morning painting session, my daughter and I hiked around a local park. It was good to see people respecting social distancing this weekend. Last weekend was another story. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

The Yule Mug
$90 6 x 6 oil on gallery canvas

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