January’s 31 Day Challenge

Back in January I committed to a 31 Day Challenge to paint and draw everyday. This exercise was incredibly good for me, as it could not have occurred at a better time.

I was laid-off from my corporate day-hustle (as I call it) and was dealing with all the stress that comes along with major change. Since creating has always been my safety net, I delved into this 31 day challenge.

The main criteria was to paint from life, not from a photo or digital media. Some days the process came easily, other days I had to push myself. I remained determined. I painted outdoors and still life’s I set up from favorite things around the house.

The 3 main things I took away from the challenge were:

1. Honing my observation skills. I was learning to find those nuances that you do not see in a photo.

2. Simplifying the “busy”. This was great practice for squinting and blocking in shapes. Saving details for last.

3. Accurate color mixing. Because I use a limited pallet, this was valuable.

By mid-month I was employed again and could feel the artistic drive waning . After intensive days training for my new role I felt drained when I got home. The last two weeks I really pushed myself to complete the challenge.

What did not happen was the continued commitment to paint and draw daily. I had hoped it would of course. How sad it is for many of us Artists to work toward retirement so we can finally paint full-time. We eke out chunks of time on weekends and where ever we can to quench our creative drive.

“So here’s to all those beautiful chunks of time!”

Remain well my friends, Lynn

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